Final Information from Clients Pre Wedding


Since becoming a florist, I have found that it is best to obtain certain information in good time before the wedding, to make sure you have everything in hand.

A lot of the information will be obtained during the Consultation, however i find that it also helps to ask the client to fill in a final questionnaire confirming details of the big day itself (once a lawyer, always a lawyer… ie get everything down in writing!).

From who to contact on the day, where to deliver specific arrangements and by what time, to the little details which will help me write a blog post after the big day, I share with you my questions in this template.

The download comes clear of formatting, with the questions set out in a table in Word. You can therefore personalise it as you wish, whether you wish to send it as a word document by email, directly in an email or incorporate it into your website as a form to be completed.



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